Being a foreigner living as well as working in Singapore, you may encounter some of the financial problems in your lives. When this occurs, it can be very challenging to get money as you may not know any person from whom you can ask or borrow money. Your other option would be to borrow a loan from some company. This, however, can be very challenging especially because of the reason that you are a foreigner in that country. It takes a very long time for a bank to approve someone’s loan especially to a foreigner as the process for application as well as approval is quite rigorous and has a slightly higher rate of interest due to which it increases the risk of lending to a non-citizen. That’s the point where we come people in as we are the licensed moneylender.

Why should you choose us?

We people specialize in working with foreigner loan cash advancement. We try to make every possible effort in order to get positive and best results and offer fast foreigner loan, payday loan and personal loan to foreigners living in Singapore. We try our best to offer the lowest interest rates to our customers that ultimately allows you to pay us back in time without any kind of difficulties. We also offer the customers customized packages to make sure they can borrow any amount they need to.

As a new person in the unknown country, you may not have made good friends who are close enough to ask for funds from them, and your employer may not be willing to help you out. That’s why we would be your best option, we the licensed moneylender are available for you all the time and in every situation and for any reason.

Our Loan tenure ranges from minimum 3 Months onwards to maximum limit of 12 months with the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of Foreigner Loan, minimum 12% to the maximum of 35% per annum along with the reducing interest rate for 1 years tenure.

Simple Process

The application process for a foreigner loan from our company is very simple as well as convenient at the same time. You can either submit the application online or you can visit our location in order to speak with one of our highly qualified representatives. Minimum requirements for successful applications would need the customer to have a stable job as well as the valid employment pass. Yes, it is quite simple and very much easy!