Have you finally made your mind up about eating healthier and improving your quality of life? If so, then you will probably be needing a blender in order to make your favorite smoothies before going to work in the morning and feel the energy it will bring in your day to day life.

When choosing which blender would suit you the most, you probably think of googling “best cheap blender” and see what comes up. There are a few things to consider while shopping for your next favorite kitchen appliance.

Blenders are being divided in 4 major categories:

  1. High performance blenders (absolutely chunk free)

These state of the art blenders is able to provide you with your favorite smoothie, ice-cold drink, freshly squeezed juice and anything else you can think of in the least amount of time. Most of them can be used to make and serve ice cream, as well as a hot cup of soup. Prices range from $250-$800. 1-5 servings per use.

  1. Conventional, or countertop blenders

When it comes to making milkshakes, smoothies and chunky freshly squeezed drinks, this would be your best option. Nutty fruits are not recommended for use. Prices range from $40-$150. 1-2 servings per use.

  1. Bullet or personal blenders

This type of blender can make a perfect match for your lifestyle if you are into protein-shakes, all sorts of smoothies. It is kind of new technology when it comes to the blender market. They were intended for “on-the-go” usage by the owner. It comes with a container that can be used as a travel mug. Prices range from $20-$110. 1-2 servings per use.

  1. Hand or Immersion blenders

The most basic type of blender there is. Can be used for soups and soft fruit smoothies only. The negative side is that it is a pretty slow process and takes a good amount of time. Prices range from $25-$100. 1 serving per use only.

Those are the 4 major categories that briefly describe what you can expect from the blender you are about to buy. Now when it comes to choosing the best cheap blender, you probably need to make an analysis of what you personally will need from it in order to buy the best blender for your money value. So before you make a decision, think about how many servings would you be needing per use. How much space in your kitchen can you spare. Exactly how much difference does it make to you if it took a little longer in order to get your shake or smoothie. Most importantly, what does your budget allow.