March 2018

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foreigner loan in Singapore

The major issues for foreigners living in Singapore come when one is faced with money catastrophe, at this point you will understand there’s no relative or family members who are near to assist you. However, there are various money lenders in many areas of Singapore, and you can apply foreigner loan in Singapore:


So as to acquire the loan, there are some application procedures that you are supposed to follow in order for the overseas loans to be …

If you are in Singapore and want to find rental cars at cheap prices, consider BizLink Rent-A-Car as an option. The rental services giant offers the cheapest car rental prices in Singapore no matter you want weekend car rental Singapore or monthly car rental. The company started in 2004 with a modest investment of five cars, and ultimately expanded its business gaining credibility and now offers a variety of 200 different cars to choose from. It’s trusted and Amongst its …